Guided tours with the English and Norwegian speaking guide in Vilnius capital of Lithuania. Privat tours by car and tours by bus to the ancient capital of Lithuania- Trakai, reservations of the hotels, restaurants,  spa treatments in   Druskininkai resort and in Vilnius, KGB Museum, Royal Palace in Vilnius and other museums.

Are you going to visit Vilnius/Lithuania?

I’ll be happy to walk around with you and show you the places and tell the stories about my town. I’ve been living here my whole life and I know every single street and courtyard of this city. I work as a guide in English and Norwegian languages since 2012. Since 2018 I work in a local radio where I tell stories and interesting facts from our past. I have collected a lot of such stories and I want to share it with you. I’m looking forward to having you as my guests! I can offer many different tours (not only traditional) in Vilnius, Kaunas, Trakai and other cities. Let me know what you are expecting and I will meet your expectations. We can mix city tour with visiting museums. I know good local restaurants, SPA centers, hotels and I can’t recommend them for you. It is interesting to stop for traditional food tasting during the excursion. We can also do one or two days tour with bikes in the beautiful Lithuanian nature or to visit the Hill Of Crosses with more than 100 000 crosses on the hill.
I am a licensed guide in the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, KGB museum (Museum of Occupation and Freedom Fights, Gediminas castle, Trakai historical museum in Trakai castle.

Let me know if you are thinking to visit the Hill of Crosses, Kaunas, The Cold War museum,  , Beekeeping museums in our national parks, the first capital of Lithuania- Kernave, Curonian spit, SPA town Druskininkai or another beautiful place of our country. Then I will make an offer for you according your expectations.



1. Tour in Vilnius Old town.

2. Tour to Trakai.

3. Hiking tour thru 5 panoramas in Vilnius.

4. Tour to Kaunas.

6. Cycling in Vilnius.

7. Tour about Soviet times in Vilnius.

8. Jewish heritage tour in Vilnius.

9. Excursion in KGB museum (former KGB prison)

10. Several day tours in Lithuania. Ancient beekeeping museum in the National park, Curonian Spit, Klaipeda, The Cold War Museum, The Hill of crosses, and other towns and museums in Lithuania or other Baltic states. (The tour will be created individually)

Descriptions of the most popular tours:

1. Tour in Vilnius.

During this excursion we will explore Vilnius Old Town, Castles territory, Uzupis- which is considered as the bohemian district of the city, amber gallery. You will hear many stories about weird medieval life, about living conditions in the castle and in the town. You will see many hidden places as courtyards and the places you would not find on your own.
Vilnius Old Town is one of the largest surviving medieval old towns in Northern Europe. 25 churches, two castles, medieval streets, an old university campus from the 16th century, a city wall with the Gate of Dawn, medieval Jewish quarters which became ghettos during World War II.
Uzupis- district of artists is one of the most interesting places in the town. Community of artists declared a so-called free state from Lithuania 1997 April 1st. Now April 1st is the day of the independence of Uzupis. We will explore the district with its galleries, artists, constitution and sculpture


2. Tour to Trakai

Trakai town is ancient capital of Lithuania. It is located 28 km west from Vilnius and it is one of the most popular resorts in Baltic states. There are 197 lakes in the Trakai region and 5 in Trakai town. Island’s castle is one of the most often visited historical-architectural monument in Lithuania. Karaites are the small ethnic minority living in Trakai for about 600 years. It’s interesting to get acquainted with their culture. You can taste national food of Karaites- kibin in one of the restaurants in Trakai. I will kindly help to find a good restaurant for you.
We can also visit Uzutrakis palace with beautiful English stile park near it. The park was designed by landscape architect Eduardo Andre- who once was appointed Head Gardener of Paris. This tour is recommended to those tourists who like old architecture, history, culture and nature.

Tour duration: 4-6 hours.

2011-07-12 19.47.41

4. Tour to Kaunas.

During this tour we will visit provisional capital of Lithuania- Kaunas. Kaunas was the capital of Lithuania between two world wars. Now it is second largest city in Lithuania. It’s worth to explore old town, castles territory, modernism buildings, to speak about prewar independent Lithuania and life of the people of that time.

We will explore Kaunas old town with a castle, cozy streets, remains of the several churches, old president palace. Kaunas modernism is unique and becoming more and more famous. We will reach panoramic view of the city by old funicular.

It’s also possible to visit the Devils museum or Pazaislis monastery.

Tour duration: 8 hours.

IMG_5205 IMG_5213

6. Cycling tour in Vilnius.

Tour with bicycles in Vilnius is a very good alternative for active tourists. The tour will cover Vilnius Old and New towns, Pavilniu Regional park, Paupys district and other areas.

Its also possible to arrange several days cycling tour along the seaside in Lithuania.


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  1. HI. My wife and I would like to tour Vilnius and the area for about six hours on April 11. Since we are staying The Narutis Hotel and can see the old city sites the next day, we are more interested in seeing sites outside Vilnius. Our primary interest is in seeing historical sites. Thanks! Dave Bayard dave@bayard.com

    • Thank you for your request Dave,
      I am available April 11th. If you want to travel aroud Vilnius and to visit historical sites I sugest to visit Trakai and Kernavė. Both places are former capitals of Lithuania. Now its several castles, museums and nice nature there. For more details I will contat you through email.

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